Science! Marches On, Trips Over Its Feet, Falls On Its Face

1. This was just too funny, like it’s been run through Google translate twice:

Specialists suspect that Green house gases will change the environment of Africa Will Massive Threat

According to the Report from the scientist  suggests that the increased level of greenhouse premise was thousands of years ago was a critical factor in huge amounts of heavy rainfall in two key regions of Africa.

Right! I mean, What? Oh, here, this clears it up:

 As per information from the biologist and from the Supernaturalism Earth emerged from the last Ice Age, greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide and methane, increased significantly—reaching almost to pre-industrial levels by 11,000 years ago for reasons that are not yet fully understood.

It’s like those ‘tootle the horn’ level mangled English stuff that endlessly circulates on the web. The real problem is that it probably wouldn’t make much more sense even if it were written clearly, based on all the other stuff appearing in the press.

Love the random capitalization too. Why does Google’s news feed not have some sort of ‘is this even English?’ filter?

2. UN: $500 billion annually possibly needed for climate change fund

The article explains that this is money going from developed countries to developing countries, to help them cope with the evil effects of climate change.

I know I’m being cynical, but I feel I must mention that it’s barely possible that $500 billion, even if it’s not in the hands of evil corporations but in the hands of noble third-world governments such as are found in Venezuela and Sierra Leone and North Korea, with their century-long track records of honesty, integrity and financial prudence, could tempt people to behave badly. I feel a little dirty even suggesting this, but it might be possible that some otherwise good people might be tempted to lie or take bribes, and turn this whole benevolent exercise into a huge combo power grab/boondoggle having nothing to do with solving any possible problems climate change may cause.

I’m a bad man, aren’t I?

You don’t trust these guys? They’re at least as trustworthy as the UN staffers who dream up this stuff.



Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

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