Science! It’s Poetry in Motion!

First, some very cool stuff:

1. Starstruck: half of universe’s stars are orphans with no galaxy

Once started a novel (yea, right) about a civilization developing on a planet circling a star that had been cast off from its galaxy in a collision. The planet was so positioned that its night sky was dominated by two huge galaxies with very little else. Given how much our own mythology and imagery have been influenced by the moon and stars, I wonder what would happen if that’s what you saw every night. And what if it were only the northern hemisphere that had this in the sky, while the south saw only a thinly-starred sky? What happens when those cultures collide?

Further, when stars and systems are formed, there seems to be quite a bit of rubble left over. And systems interfere with each other as well. Is the real interesting stuff going on out there happening on planets without stars, and stars without galaxies? Or even planets without stars outside galaxies?

I like news that makes me think.

2. Fallstreak Clouds. Didn’t know such things existed. Beautiful.

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3. This one is stupid enough for 3 or 4 items:

People Tend To Prefer Healthy-Looking Leaders Over Smart-Looking Ones: Study

Here, pick who you want to be President based solely on these two pictures: 

Pick one

Tough choice, eh? I suppose it would be a little simpler if it were between an actual festering corpse versus a victorious Olympic athlete, but that just might be me. Here’s a sample of the pictures they really used, as they are not as much fun as I am:

Dumb & Smart Sick & Healthy

 Now, that’s different! As the researchers say:

“People were shown pairs of male faces, which were either high or low on health, and high or low on intelligence,” Spisak told HuffPost. “People were then repeatedly asked to choose which of the two faces they would want as their CEO in a variety of different organizational situations (cooperation, competition, exploration, exploitation). In total, people made a choice for CEO 24 times.”

Researchers then “analyzed patterns of CEO preferences for a certain type of face (low/high intelligence, low/high health) in the different situations, and the preference overall.”

Overall, health had a stronger effect on leadership ratings than intelligence. In 69 percent of trials, participants chose the high health faces over the low health faces. The high intelligence faces only won out over the less intelligent faces when the CEO’s challenge was to negotiate a partnership (cooperation) and explore a new market (exploration).

Statistics, even! I’m too bored to even go into how it is that we know that these particular people in a tiny non-representative sample are choosing Smart and Healthy when they pick Skinny and Tanned, because I’m just sure that Science! Has Shown it could be no other way. Instead, I’ll just point out what a step up it would be if we just had people vote based on funky computer-modified pictures instead of spending all that time analyzing detailed policy statements such as ‘Hope and Change’.  Imagine the time savings!


Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

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