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Antarctic ice should set record, but Arctic dwindles

Here’s the gist of the nub:

Multiple factors — including the geography of Antarctica, the region’s winds, as well as air and ocean temperatures — affect the ice around the world’s coldest continent.

The amount and volume of ice in Antarctica depend on a complex relationship among air, water, wind and ozone depletion, involving natural and man-made influences, scientist Ted Scambos of the data center said this year.

Two studies in recent years concluded that changing wind patterns were responsible for the expanding sea ice, Scambos said.

Got that? Multiple factors interacting in complex ways are responsible for the growing sea ice around Antarctica. But:

Arctic sea ice extent, overall, has been steadily diminishing over the years because of man-made climate change.

“Over the years” by the way, means since 1979 – a tiny sample size of 35 years, compared, for example, with the 100,000 or so year cycle of glaciation and interglacial periods that have occurred within the current several million year long ice age.

So, with no sense of irony (or dishonesty): more ice than ever (over the last 35 years) at one end of the globe is explained away as the result of complex interactions of multiple causes, while less than average sea ice (in the lowest 20% of our 35 year sample) is the result of human caused global warming pure and simple.

Right. Isn’t Science! wonderful?

A committee has been formed to investigate.

Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

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