I Do Too Sometimes Sort of Complete Projects!

(We will return to our regular fare of Science! news mockery, bitter (but true!) analysis of schooling, and half-baked philosophizing soon, I promise. But not right now.)

For example, here is the almost finished, partly usable triple bunk bed I’ve been sort of working on for the past month or two:


All that’s left is to add rails to the top and middle bunks. Here are some details:


The sides are maple veneer plywood; the uprights are just construction-grade 4x4s. That’s a brass Allen screw, mostly for looks – I had been concerned about lengthwise stability, so wanted to tie the boxes to the uprights on the sides as well as the end pieces.

After consideration, routed a half-round bead on the top edges of the boxes. This gives a funky exposed plywood edge – but it came out OK.

Satin finish all around, except for the white gloss uprights, and some clear gloss on the bottoms of the boxes (had a quart, might as well use it).

Tried to leave no exposed screws, but had to put in a few on the faces to tie in the boards that spanned the width – so, plugged and sanded them and tried to tie them in to the overall design:


On the left-hand side, three rungs connect the upright, making a ladder to the middle bunk; on the right, it’s six rungs making a ladder to the top.

Anyway, it was fun. I think, as I get old, I’m finally getting halfway decent at this woodworking stuff.

NOW, finally, I can get to setting up that Great Books man-cave in the corner of the bedroom, sort of a library/computer/reading desk combo. Then I’ll learn Greek and write stories and, and – life will be perfect!


Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

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