Weekend Up-rounding

1. #2 son graduated on Saturday. We had the graduation reception/family get-together/school end of the year party all day celebration. I could hardly move by 9:00 p.m. But it was fun.

2. Today, we attended Mass and then another party for the graduates. Now, we’re *almost* done, once the rental chairs get returned. So, summer proper begins late morning tomorrow. In California, weather wise it’s been summer since May, and will continue to be summer until about October. But summer-summer, when the kids are out of school – that starts tomorrow.

3. Except for the trip to Oregon for a niece’s college graduation next weekend. We have to leave at the crack of dawn Saturday to make it up to Eugene before 5:00 for the first event. It’s a 10 hour drive, once you stop for lunch. But on Monday, we can semi-mosey our way back. The Big Decision: do we go down the middle of the states, and follow the chain of volcanoes? We’d see Crater Lake:

And Mt. Shasta:

And Klamath Falls and a lot of mountains on the north end and farmland on the south end.

Or: head for the coast, and do the sea lion caves:

And follow the super-dramatic coast highway – mile after mile of sheer cliffs 300′ or more off the ocean, down through redwood forests:

And the northern Sonoma Valley. Or some combination – we could do Crater lake, then cut over to the redwoods…

Decisions, decisions.

4. My beloved wife gave a short and wonderful graduation address, which she says I can post here – now, just have to extract it from her, which, given her state of exhaustion, could take a couple days. The graduates vote on speakers – they asked my youngest daughter, who will graduate next year, to begin the ceremony ( I think she is the current School Meeting chair), then each of three staff members were asked to say a few words – my beloved went first – then the President of the Assembly, which, for the first time in a decade, I am not. But they did ask me, as the outgoing President, to hand out the diplomas, since I’ve handed out so many over the years. I was touched.

The whole thing was over in under 40 minutes. The kids run a tight ship.

5. The daughters backed cakes for the graduation and the Disney-themed end-of-the year party:

Each of the little items corresponds to a graduate. and it was yummy.
This one was yummy too.





Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Up-rounding”

  1. My vote would be to go see Crater Lake, then cut across to the coast and enjoy those beautiful redwoods. If you find yourself at Crescent City in the evening, go down to the wharf and watch the sea lions close up – they are a hoot! And if you are as lucky as we were last month, you may see some whales off the sea side of the jetty.

    I think the coast road through northern CA is much prettier than taking highway 5…but that’s just my opinion. Safe driving, whichever way you go!

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