Real Science Takes on Cosmos! WooHoo!

Just stretch out and bask in the warm glow of somebody who knows what he’s talking about. Among other things:

But how accurate is the science? Does it matter? Isn’t science, like pizza, still pretty good even if it’s bad, in a way that companies feel all publicity is good publicity?

No, flawed science is flawed science and Sagan wanted to hear valid criticism, just as Tyson does now.

While he takes a much appreciated pot-shot at Sagan’s Nuclear Winter overreach, he gives both Carl and Neil a huuuuugely generous amount of credit for honesty that I have never seen made evident in Sagan’s actual work, at least – don’t know much about Neil except what I’ve read about this program, and that ain’t lookin’ good.

Anyway, a brief sample:

3. There Is No Sound In Space

To go on this journey, we need to be “free from the shackles of space and time”, Tyson tells us. And apparently all of the other laws of physics. Why can we hear his spaceship when he is exploring the cosmos? Yes, it is a “spaceship of the imagination,” but I would hope Tyson’s imagination is more scientifically accurate than that of a teenager playing “Mass Effect.”

And he gets around to Bruno, too, with information available to anyone willing to spend 5 minutes Googling:

The church and science did not agree with Bruno that pygmies came from a “second Adam” or that native Americans had no souls, but they were also not going to kill him over it. There is no evidence his “science” came up at any time. He was imprisoned for a decade because the church wanted him to just recant his claims that Hermetism was the one true religion and then they could send him on his way. When he spent a decade insisting it was fact, he was convicted of Arianism and occult practices, not advocating science. It was discovered shortly after his execution that the “ancient texts” he believed had predicted, among other things, the birth of Jesus Christ, had only been created a century earlier, not at the time of Moses.

After the cartoon about Bruno, Tyson immediately concedes that Bruno was not a scientist.

This leads to an obvious question: Why would a science program devote 25 percent of its first episode to the persecution of someone who was not a scientist, was not accepted by scientists, and published no science, but was instead a martyr for magic?


That is a poser, that is.

And so on.  The best thing I’ve read one this topic was by Thomas L. McDonald, but I feared he might be considered a tainted source, since he openly believes in mystical woo-woo with no basis in the physical world, like math and logic. Oh, and God.

h/t to the Statistician to the Stars, and his tweet tooth.


Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

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