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The NFL is considering banning the “N-word” on the field, even going so far as to consider it an offense worthy of a 15 yard penalty.*

OK, so the nanny state has given birth to a nanny league, where 6’5″ 340 lbs men who can bench press a Buick are going to have a bunch of middle-aged men – the on-field officials – intervene in order to protect their feeling from bad words. OK.

But wait! There’s more: the major push-back against this proposed rule change is coming from: black players. Because they use the N-word all the time in a completely friendly manner in playful banter – among themselves. So, it matters who says it – OK for one group, not OK for others. Maybe there are additional nuances, too.

The NFL being a business rather than a branch of government (for the time being), I do not suppose they will take the next logical step: if the term is truly so offensive to warrant action, they would penalize only non-black players for using the N-word.

And then, as an American of Bohemian descent (on my mother’s side), I would fully expect the full weight of the NFL’s enforcement arm to come down on ‘Bohunk’ when said by non-Bohemian-Americans in the heat of sports battle.** I don’t think this particular B-word has been used to insult anyone in over 50 years, but hey, they’re *my* feelings, and you have no right to tell me how to feel!

More seriously, of course in my household, as in all polite company, the use of the n-word is not tolerated, for the obvious historical reasons. I merely find this situation amusing.

* for the sports-impaired,  a 15 yard penalty is a lot in football.

** Popec/Polansky motherland was in fact Moravia, which is the next valley over from Bohemia in the current Czech Republic. Late 19th century East Texans were not aware of or didn’t care to make the distinction. Given the current level of geographic and historic knowledge, the distinction is too difficult to be maintained for racial-slur prevention purposes. Beside, I don’t think ‘Mohunk’ is a word.

NOTE: Add “oops” to “Amazon” as a word not to be Googled in polite company. I wanted a funny face or something to put here – I got images of a different sort entirely.


Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

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