Darwin Catholic’s Immediate Book List:

(I refuse to use the word ‘meme’ except in jest.) Everybody’s in on this, it seems.  Just look here and here, for example.

The idea is to report on what your current reading habits and plans are, to wit:

1. What book are you reading now?

The Rule of St. Benedict – short, almost done.

2. What book did you just finish?

Story of a Soul, St. Therese

Categories. On Interpretation. Prior Analytics,  Aristotle. Although I must sit down and reread the logic rules with a pencil and paper handy.

3. What do you plan to read next?

Lumen Fidei. It’s next up at the parish reading group.

No! Don’t do it! Don’t click to look inside!! It’s the Modern World, in all it’s smug, incoherent and banal evilness! Dressed up purdy-like in all these big words and run-on sentences, where a pronoun pops up after 10 nouns have immediately preceded it, just to make sure you’re never sure exactly what he’s saying. Evil!!

More Hegel. No really. Especially Phenomenology of Spirit. Years off of Purgatory.

4. What book do you keep meaning to finish?

Oh, man. Like, what don’t I keep meaning to finish?

Tacitus. Was more than half way when the book, an old paperback I’d had for decades, proceeded to fall apart – so, can’t take it on trips, can’t read it in bed. Going to need to find another copy.

A History of Education in Antiquity, Similar to the above, but not quite so bad. Almost done.

Bunch of Hegel.

And, if I were, in the words of Simcha Fisher, to pull the bed away from the wall and look, probably a dozen more.

5. What book do you keep meaning to start?

Phenomenology of Spirit.

6. What is your current reading trend?

German Philosophers (just hit me in the head with a brick now), education history (still looking for some free or cheap Pestalozzi, because one lengthy book of incoherent babbling isn’t enough) Spiritual stuff for the reading group (we try to alternate old & new, scholarly and more popular. Been fun)  and History.

But the overall trend is: not nearly enough. Been trying to take care of a bunch of deferred maintenance on the house. Very time and energy consuming.

You? Post over at Darwin, if you do.

UPDATE: A glance at the floor by the bed revealed I’d omitted (I blame debilitating guilt) the dozen or so works by Michael Flynn and John C Wright that I got a couple months ago in a fit of optimism, as well as several books on education history. Now, if I just quite my job and let the house and the family rot, I could probably make a good size dent in the pile before I’m evicted/murdered/crushed by falling ceiling breams….

Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

2 thoughts on “Darwin Catholic’s Immediate Book List:”

  1. “But the overall trend is: not nearly enough. Been trying to take care of a bunch of deferred maintenance on the house. Very time and energy consuming.”

    Hear you on that on!

    I’m amazed at the weight of the stuff you are getting through. I find it hard to make it through philosophy in the dribs and drabs of time I have to read most days.

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