It’s raining. In California. In the summer.*

Where do I go to sacrifice a goat to the Scientific Consensus?

File:Hausziege 04.jpg
Why me?

But wait – is a living goat a net sequesterer (is that a word?) of carbon? Does he emit (ahem) more carbon than is locked up in his carbon-based body? Seems I’d need to sacrifice him by freezing or burying him in a hermetically sealed container – burning is right out. And none of this address the net effect of a goat eating vegetation, which packs away at least some carbon, emits (!) some other – yet promotes the growth of more vegetation, which locks away more carbon….

Man, this is as complicated as deciding to get a Prius.

* Rainy season in this part of California is from October to May, with most of the the rain in November through April. Summers are usually completely dry. So, we’re having a bit of what qualifies as a downpour around here –  1 day before the end of summer, 9 days before the ‘rainy season’. I’ll keep an eye out for someone in the press asserting that this is somehow related to global warming, and report back.


Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

3 thoughts on “EOTWAWKI”

    1. I would never buy a Prius – it’s a gold medal winner in the “I judge myself by my good intentions, not by the actual results of my decisions” Stupid Olympics. Care about the environment? You’d be better off buying a used Hummer – bio-diesel is good – rather than causing a new car to be made, one with short-lived nasty batteries that have to be replaced and disposed of, just so you can feel good burning less fuel on the operation side.

      1. Not to mention (and I won’t) all the other bleeding-heart issues one must conveniently forget about (completely) in order to justify the purchase!

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