Two ‘Duh.’ Moments as Captured in Headlines:

America’s best educated kids don’t go to school. The article goes through the usual socioeconomic analysis – home schooled kids tend strongly to come from intact, better educated families. Yes, and? Doesn’t all that show is that people who can in fact cope in the real world can in fact also educate their own kids?

Bottom line: more and more people, especially competent people, are opting for homeschooling, and it works way, way better than factory schooling. (With the usual caveat that the standardized tests used as stand ins for ‘success’ have not been shown to have all that strong a relationship to ‘success’ as any sane person would define it.)


Devout Catholics Have Better Sex, Study Says. Recognizing that this is just a hit-generation-bonanza headline with no real concern with reality, and also that what a sane person means by ‘better’ sex is going to differ from what an insane culture means by it, nonetheless: This is a surprise? Who in their right mind would think sex with, say, random strangers, however mechanically adventurous they may be,  is going to top sex with someone you are deeply in love with, completely committed to, and with whom you have brought other human beings into the world?  No amount of gymnastics and novelty can even remotely touch this.  Since devout Catholics are among the most dedicated to this two-become-one death-do-you-part version of sex, it only figures we’d be leading this particular parade.


Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

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