Ends and Odds: Back in the Saddle

– Visited the California redwood forests up near Eureka, CA, with the family. The forests are filled with surprisingly large trees, including this one, conveniently labeled, as the photo attests, ‘Giant Tree’:

Four adult sized people and one little kid can’t reach half way around the trunk; if you put a football field on end (not recommended – pretty sure it would void the warranty) the tree would stretch right past the opposite end zone.

– Micro Music at Mass Review: Attended Sunday Mass at the lovely church pictured below.  St. Joseph’s – a fine name, a fine saint – in Fortuna, CA.

The music was good and bad – we got a couple good hymns, the Latin Sanctus and Agnus Dei (although accompanied by a bizarre synth patch – but, hey, I’ll take it!)  – as well as some St. Louis Jebby songs.

A fantasy occurred to me: say you strip the lyrics from Be Not Afraid and submit the music – the tune and the accompaniment – for a composition class or competition anywhere outside the church music world. Well? Can you imagine somebody at Oberlin or Berkeley or even the local community college going: Yea, that’s what what I’m talking about! Or rather, can’t you see them going: Ya know, you use the same note with what might as well be random syncopation for about 75% of your ‘melody’ – that doesn’t strike you as lame?  And you could branch out into harmonic structures unknown to the Kingsmen without much risk of over doing it.

Anyway, lovely people, beautiful and efficacious Mass, and we got more good music to sing than bad. Not complaining.

– Iron Man III is OK. You may want to sit down for this – the plot has some holes.  But no spoilers here, uh-uh. Well, maybe a little, if you haven’t seen the trailer:

A wise man once said: it’s not the falling that will kill you – it’s the rapid deceleration at the end. Metal suits don’t alter that basic fact of physics one bit – if Iron Man hits the ground or any other even a little solid surface, he’s not jumping up to fight some more – he’s Jello in a can. And since when does genetics and brain imaging hocus-pocus result in human flesh that can withstand 3,000 degree (F, C, whatever)?

But, hey, it’s a superhero movie – it’s not supposed to make sense.

– Boy, politics is getting kinda interesting, in a road-kill/train wreck sort of way.


Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

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