Whoa. News about News:

For the moment, at any rate, Gosnell tops the Google news feed. 5 weeks in, and the America press discovers the most sensational and outrageous trial of century.  I take back some of the mean things I’ve said about USA today – they seem to be leading the charge.

Will it make any difference? I don’t have the stomach to read through and see how this is being spun. I’d bet the RPMs in Orwell’s casket are going to stress the bearings.

May something good please result from this horror? May God have mercy on all of us for our part in helping create this world in which something like this could happen, a world of willfully blind and insensitive people (looking in the mirror  here). Have mercy on Gosnell, his employees, his victims and most especially on those poor women who have survived his ministrations and now have to live with the horrors coming out in this trial.


Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

One thought on “Whoa. News about News:”

  1. The feminists on facebook are distancing themselves from it. “This is just a small percentage…” and “It’s because services are so hard to find that people like this can practice…” etc. Doesn’t seem to have cracked their alabaster at all.

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