Is This a Common Blogging Problem?

I’m up to 18 draft blog posts, at least half of which are (you’ll have to trust me on this) monuments to clear and incisive thinking, the kind of thoughts that right the ship of state, sooth the suffering heart, cause freshly-invigorated fists to slam down on table tops in righteous indignation and bring grown men to tears.

But I need to, you know, finish them. 2 or 3 suggest book-length treatment (to my verbosity-inclined nature), crying for some serious reining in. Others were thoughts slammed down in the heat of inspiration that now are largely incomprehensible even to me.

It’s not like I don’t publish plenty of half-baked nonsense – wouldn’t be much of a blog if i didn’t. But these drafts are haunting me. I feel like I owe them something, somehow. But, sometimes, thinking is hard, and writing harder.

Ya know?


Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

4 thoughts on “Is This a Common Blogging Problem?”

  1. I scrawl down a draft every time I have a thought and end up throwing most of them away. I could think of it as mostly having useless thoughts, that are unworthy of being seen by the outside world. But I prefer to think of the leftover posts as the marble chips on the studio floor when Michelangelo finished David.

    1. Thanks for the encouraging thoughts.

      This reminds me of the wise observation of that famous philosopher Foghorn Leghorn: “Lota chips flying, but not a lot of wood gettin’ cut.” It would be more soothing, as the chips pile higher, if a David were in fact emerging nearby….

      I also recall Chesterton’s observation in the introduction of (I think) Everlasting Man: “Like every story I didn’t write, it’s the best story I’ve ever written.” as long as they’re just drafts I can continue to imagine them masterpieces in the making. Once posted, reality has a annoying habit of setting in.

    1. Interesting – a couple of my posts early on were in fact stuff I’d jotted down long before I had a blog. The whole point of the blog for me is to make me trow that kind of stuff out there for kind readers like you and TheRealAaron to look at. maybe I should copy them from WordPress to Word and back again? Like magic!

      Thanks for reading!

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