Is It Just Me, or is There Too Much Going on Today?

– Rand Paul Goes to Washington. Judge Barack Dredd. Grand Moff Brennan. Newspeak versus Double Plus Ungood Oldspeak. Business as usual.

– Beautiful pieces like this, from one of my favorite bloggers, confirms me in my belief that I have no business forming an opinion on any potential Pope. Except Not Mahoney. Because I’m like a fanboy these days, rejoicing in the overwhelming high general quality of the cardinals. Sure, there’s some duds. Jesus chose to work with 11 cowards, including a violent liar (that would Pope 1, Peter, who was busy fibbing about his association with Christ when wasn’t hacking people’s ears off) and one out-and-our traitor. I think He was purposely setting the bar low, so that the Mahoneys of the world would not cause us to lose faith. It bears keeping in mind that Mahoney would almost surely be *better* than some of the men who actually became Pope. (But dear God, please don’t! I admire a wicked sense of humor, but – please don’t.)

– Hey, there’s going to be a comet next week! But my heart, still broken by Halley’s, is unable to get as excited as appropriate. It’s going to be a barely-perceptible smudge, I just know it.




Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

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