Greek Update & Academic Stupidity

In week 2, we’ve reached the point where I fell out of the boat as an 18 year old: memorizing declensions over  several dozen vocabulary words while getting the not at all intuitively obvious accent rules right. I’m looking at a good 10 hours of homework before next Saturday just to not fall behind.

I seem to be the only one in the class that doesn’t already have at least one additional language; seems at least half the class has taken Greek before and are looking for a rematch.

On a less hopeful note, was continually distracted by the text’s use of the CE/BCE convention – bloody hell! Like anyone who reads anything, I’d run across it before, of course, but had always managed to roll my eyes, shake my head and move on without too much discomfort. Now, these two Yalie academics who wrote the text only use it a couple times a page.

I envisions this scene (note: just fantasy here – the people in my class are just people. It’s the damn Yalies I’d want to go after. The professor is not named ‘Thomas’):

“Professor Thom? Just want to let you know that your first name – Thomas, is it? – offends me deeply. Not only are you not a twin in direct contradiction to the root meaning of the word, but ‘Thomas’ has gained its place as a common name used by millions over a couple of millennia due, inescapably, to its being a part of the evil patriarchy imposed with blood and power. It is inextricably bound up in the power dynamic by which European tyrannies and the evil  Catholic Church have oppressed millions for ages now, I cannot put up with it. To cavalierly use the name Thomas is to stomp on the newly-enlightened oppressed like so many baby ducks.

Therefore, I am unilaterally going to have to change your name, and you will have no say in it – how could you? Any complaints will out you as a tool of da Man, right?  Since you like going by your first name, you will now be called Professor Butthead from here on out.

Any questions, Butthead?

“I’m not happy, Bob. Not happy.”

Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

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