More Fun with Science! Headlines

Study: Comet Did Not Wipe Out Prehistoric Humans in North America

It seems we can add ‘comet’ to the the all but infinite list of things that didn’t wipe out prehistoric humans in North America. But the money quote:

“The theory has reached zombie status. Whenever we are able to show flaws and think it is dead, it reappears with new, equally unsatisfactory, arguments. Hopefully new versions of the theory will be more carefully examined before they are published.”

It’s a rare delight when ‘zombie’ and ‘apocalypse’ appear as part of pure Science! writing. BTW: how can we be really sure zombies didn’t wipe ’em out? Huh? Answer me that one, Poindexter!

Oh, and check out the picture accompanying the article:

What exactly is this supposed to be? A comet not causing the extinction of prehistoric North Americans? Viewed against the backdrop of an LSD flashback? I wish they’d have just gone all John C Wright on it, and used a picture of Cat Woman – it would have made as much sense.

And, in the ‘I’m just amusing myself, here’ category:

Martian craters could hold fossilized web of water, study says

It would be wrong to wonder how one fossilizes water, right? And to wonder what else Martian craters could hold – the list is endless!

And in the ‘needs no comment’ division:

U.S. Officials Unhappy Iran Put a Monkey Into Space

Turns out Earth isn’t so habitable after all

<insert gratuitous ‘Oakland’ snipe here>

Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

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