Music at Mass Review – 01 20 2013 Road Trip

My wife and I were in Naperville Il for a funeral, and attended mass at the very beautiful Ss Peter and Paul Catholic Church.  Note:  this church was built by a parish with 350 families in it:

Sanctuary as seen from the nave

Morning winter sun through stained glass

The Mass and music were wonderful. They even sang the Introit after the processional hymn – way cool. Music was all pretty good. The only ‘contemporary’ hymn was ‘Gift of Finest Wheat’ at communion – not a bad song, exactly, but there are better ones. Very reverent Ordinary Form mass. The parish and adjoining school appear to be thriving.

Only one very minor complaint: as the old saying goes:

Power corrupts. An absolutely enormous pipe organ corrupts absolutely.

They had a nice pipe organ, with that rank of trumpets so beloved in certain circles. I like pipe organs, but I prefer them in understated accompanying roles, saving the rousing, not to mention deafening, moments for the postlude. Because otherwise, you’re left to wonder if the choir couldn’t step out for a smoke during certain songs – nobody could tell if they were singing or not over the organ anyway.

But hey, matter of taste and all that – it was beautiful, and the parish was very alive, lots of kids. We are grateful for the beautiful mass.


Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

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