Happy Epiphany! (a day late!) and Another Thing About Children

When you have kids, it’s unavoidable to also have expectations, most of which turn out to be wrong. But, sometimes, expectations can be wrong in good ways. For example:

I never expected to have a teenage son, who, working closely with his little sister, decided that Boxing Day should include an Eggs Benedict breakfast *and* that Epiphany provided the perfect opportunity to do it all again, except switching roles – Son did eggs & muffins part on Boxing Day, switched to Hollandaise & assembly on Epiphany (he did well at both tasks).

They were very tasty both days. If cholesterol and fat can kill you, Hollandaise should probably be a controlled substance.

This year, we met up with a bunch of Catholic families for an afternoon Epiphany party. What was hilariously  contrary to the accepted mythology: the families were HUGE – we were tied for smallest with *only* 5 kids, and the other 5 kid family was young and could certainly add some more – BUT – the parents were extremely well educated, with careers and degrees way on the smart outlier side of things. Me, with a Great Books degree and an MBA, was definitely a piker in this crowd in educational terms.

Which is unsurprising to me – as I’ve mentioned before, the desire for children is a strong motivator toward financial success for fathers, and educati0n does correlate to financial success on the high end. And kids are mostly wonderful and fun. But hanging out with a dozen or so adults and 30-40 kids (I lost count!) all having a great time – certain modern heads would explode. The only crying/unhappiness to be seen was when it was time to leave – a couple little ones didn’t want to go.

We were on for desserts. Around our house, just say the word! Any excuse for baking up desserts in quantity is welcome – 19 year old Daughter did fancy gingerbread cookies; 15 year of daughter did pumpkin cheesecake (yum!) and peanut butter fudge (totally yum!); wife made flan, which, on a table with enough desserts for twice the army we actually had, got sucked down with pleased alacrity. Sons and I sat this one out – next time.

Kids: surprising and wonderful!


Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

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