The Male/Female Imbalance: A Couple Predictions

So, the results of making amnio and ultrasound available for selecting which children we allow to be born based on their sex is now clear. When widely available, the result is that a lot more boys than girls are allowed to live, resulting in, today, about 163 million ‘excess’ men and boys.

This should be a head-slapping ‘duh!’ moment, at least in hindsight. So let’s do the more challenging thing and imagine what the future holds (I’ll do this before reading the whole article, just so I can have that little laugh we philosopher types have when we figure out by reason what the researchers try to figure out by data collection.  Petty, I know, but fun.)

– Supply and demand says the value of girls and women will go up – but that’s the dollar value, not the intrinsic value. What that means is that, far from being treated with more respect, women and girls are becoming, more than ever, tradable commodities: A girl is in no position to realize her enhanced value, but her dad or uncle or mom or brother sure is. They can arrange a marriage at a price, force her into prostitution or simply sell her into slavery. In fact, history shows that slavery flourishes whenever labor is scarce – and sexual labor is going to be very much in demand as those 163 million guys read the writing on the wall.

– People of child-bearing age will continue to not see the big picture. You might think that a Chinese or Indian dad or mom, looking around at all the boys who will one day almost certainly want a wife, might think: wow – the smart money is in having a daughter! She’ll be the bell of the ball, and have her pick of husbands. We’re holding the hammer – we could cut all kinds of deals with the parents of our future son-in-law, to mitigate the issues that arise out of not us having a son. You would be wrong. Aborting girls has been going on for about 2 generations now, and doesn’t show signs of letting up.

– You thought you were worried about the safety of your little princess now? How about in a world where girls are snatched off the street and sold to a pimp or slave broker half way around the world, never to be seen or heard from again? This is beginning to happen now, and will probably get a lot worse before it gets better.

– 163 million guys with nothing much to look forward to. That many people would be about the 4th or 5th largest country in the world. Traditionally, men have fought and killed each other for women about as much as they’ve fought and killed each other over anything. How this will shake out is anybody’s guess: everything from duels to the Rape of the Sabine Women to all-out wars are in play. Nations might start looking for wars as a way to keep internal unrest down, or action might be more local. The prediction is that there will be violence.

– Net outcome: the ubiquitous availability of abortion on demand has created a world where women and girls are less safe, less respected and less free, and far more likely than boys to get murdered in utero, sold into slavery or prostitution, and generally dehumanized into commodities. And the boys aren’t necessarily better off – they become a ‘problem’ to ‘manage’ – and states have a very bloody history of how they handle problems of that sort.

Footnote 1. Using ultra sound means you have to let the child develop first – none of this insensate amorphous blob mythology. That means these little girls not only get murdered, they get to die in agony. May God have mercy on our souls.

Footnote 2. How do Progressives understand all this? I have very impoliticly opined, without proper introduction or warning, that Progressivism is really stupid, and thereby damaged a valuable friendship – but, come on! There seems to be this belief that Progress is what happens when properly enlightened (read: socially liberal) people get their way. Well? You got your way, resulting in, among other things,  an uptick in slavery and a rapidly decreasing degree of  freedom enjoyed by women and girls around the world. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure that none of the people who support the ‘rights’ and policies that have unceremoniously deposited us at this unhappy historical juncture are losing any sleep over it. But they should be.


Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

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