Healthcare: A Modest Proposal

We all want good quality healthcare available to everyone, right? One problem is that, as medical science advances, more and more expensive treatments become mainstream, so that we start to expect, for example, an MRI of every sprained ankle, even though your typical sprained ankle will heal all by itself in a couple weeks 99% of the time if you just stay off it for a bit.

No, I think what we all want, when we’ve calmed down and the Tylenol has kicked in (leave that ankle in the ice a little longer – trust me on this) is reasonable healthcare for everybody, not expensive procedures done in a panic or on a whim. I’ve got this idea that, while it won’t solve the whole healthcare problem, would make a nice symbolic start and make most of us fee better:

How about a 300% tax on all non-reconstructive cosmetic surgery?  Money goes straight into the kitty of a local clinic in the poorer part of town.

You want a 5 grand eyebrow job? OK, but be prepared to toss another $15k into the pot. One of those $100K jobs that look like they grab the back of your scalp, pull, pull, puuuuuull until they can tie a knot in it? That’s now a 400 grand exercise. Clinics in the poor corners of L.A. would be opening new Demi Moore wings right and left!

Crazy, you say? OK, how about a 500% tax? 1,000%?

Think about it: highly skilled medical professionals with years of expensive medical training tie up state-of-the-art medical facilities in order to make perfectly healthy people, sometimes even attractive people, look more like Barbi or Ken, except with way less personality. And that’s if it goes *well*. Sometimes, it doesn’t.

We could also make it a law that a doctor has to spend 1,000 hours doing real medicine for every hour spent nipping and tucking. I think they owe it to the rest of us on several levels.

Anyway, just a thought, to get the ball rolling.

Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

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