A Bad Corporate Neighbor

True confession time: I am a bad corporate neighbor. No, I don’t dump toxic waste in a baby-duck-infested pond or manipulate markets so that working stiffs loose their jobs and houses while I get rich – I mean, not *usually*. No, I’m far worse.

I pick the good stuff out of the corporate-supplied Gucci trail mix in the break room.

It’s corporate heaven where I work, in many ways: hands-off bosses, great bennies, lots of vacation time – and a fully-stocked break room. I never eat breakfast at home, since we keep everything from instant oatmeal to fresh fruit on hand.

So, am I grateful and humbled by all this largess? No. Instead, I crack into these large bags of high-end trail mix and – I am shamed! – pick out the good stuff.

What evil marketing droid decided that raisins and peanuts belonged in the same trail mix with dried pineapple, walnut halves, almonds and other yummy dried fruit? I mean, really. So, I just pick out the good stuff, leaving my co-workers to deal with bags of mostly peanuts and raisins by the time I’m through.

No one has caught me at it yet. No one has complained.

I suspect I should feel way worse about this that I do.

Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

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