St. Matthew’s Cathedral, DC

No posts lately. Went to Mexico for a week, came back, got sick, had tons of work to try to catch up on, then left for DC, where I am now and will be for the week. Lots to catch up on.

Let’s start with a pretty church:

Was blessed to attend the 5:30 Mass there this afternoon – it’s about a mile from where I’m staying. Lovely short (as appropriate for a weekday afternoon) liturgy. About 50 people were there, and it looked like the U.N., only with more age differentiation – everything from college kids to people ‘cramming for the final exam’ as they say. Plus, they are praying a novena for increased devotion to the Eucharist. Nice.

It’s probably just me, but I find having St. Matthew as the patron of ‘civil servants’ hilarious – he was a tax collector for the Romans, pretty much a Quisling, until he gave it up for Jesus. Soooo – what’s the message we’re trying to get across here? That civil servants should be able to identify with St. Matthew because they are basically traitors to the people they ‘serve’? Or what? That they should give it all up and follow Jesus?

I mean, St Thomas More, sure – honorable man doing honorable service for his country. But Matthew? Wouldn’t you think you’d want a patron who had a little success as the Church counts success at your profession rather than a patron whose only virtuous act was leaving it?  Is this like making Mary Magdalene patroness of hookers, as a way of saying ‘Stop!”?


Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

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