The Problem with the World…

…is Guilt.

There’s not nearly enough of it.

Oh, sure, there’s a minor problem with people feeling guilty about stuff they don’t need to feel guilty about – but that’s small potatoes. What’s a problem, a real problem on the society-destroying level, is us people doing all sorts of stuff we ought to feel horribly guilty about, yet somehow acting like everything’s OK. For a brief and frighteningly incomplete set of examples:

– abandoning your spouse and kids because you don’t feel sufficiently fulfilled, and thinking getting some sex and/or adventure outside your marriage will fix it. Man, if Dante were writing today, I can’t even imagine the Hell he’d create for people like this – but it wouldn’t be pretty.

– non-religious hypocrisy. Not saying religious hypocrisy isn’t bad, but at least the context and tradition call for and often get guilt. Not so the secular, not so! So that an Al Gore, for example, can preach environmental doom and gloom while personally consuming a small town’s worth of  resources – it’s like a preacher with a harem talking about the sacredness of marriage. Al should feel so shamed as to never show his face in public again – not that I’m holding my breath.

– blowing people up. You know, we – our military acting for us – have, since at least WWII, decided that blowing lots of people up – men, women, children – is somehow OK. No, it is not. No argument from results or expediency will make it so. So, bomb a city? Blow up a building full of people because a bad guy is there, too? Guilty, guilty, guilty. And the blame’s on us, not on some poor teenager with a gun we’ve put into some terrifying, impossible situation.

And so on. So, how ’bout a little more guilt out there? Of the ‘gee, let’s not do that again’ variety?

Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

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