Adventures in Medicine

Two notes:

1. Unless your problem is pretty straight forward, like, say, a piece of rebar protruding from your chest,  DON’T mention it to the doctor. He will send you in for tests. You may come out alive, but your dignity will not survive. And let’s not even talk about money.

2. Speaking of money: I saw four no doubt well-compensated (as they should be) health professionals in the room while the doctor administered the tests using an array of fancy equipment. These professionals handled everything from hooking up tubes and needles (I want the people poking me to have attended Needle Poking School and to have taken lots of tests involving making cadavers look like cheesecloth) to putting my personal items in a plastic bag.

Having gotten vocational training as a finance guy, I quickly figured that these tests were going to run well north of a grand, and maybe a lot more, just based on paying the pros in the room and overhead for all that fancy equipment and the nice hospital to put it in.  You want good health care? You want well compensated, well trained pros to handle the injecting, inspecting and rejecting? OK, but it’s gonna cost ya.

Conclusion: unless you’re actively hemorrhaging right there in the doctors office, figure it’ll heal if you just ignore it for another couple months, and avoid forays into the medical establishment. How could it hurt?

Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

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