Music at Mass Review: 12/12/10

Parish C this week with the boys (girls had theater gig, went to early Mass with Mom).

It being both the Happy, Holy and Blessed feast of Our Lady of  Guadalupe as well as Gaudate Sunday, they had the Tagalog choir singing, in lovely rose (well, pink) shirts.  Some Jebbie or Jebbies seem to have written most or all of the hymns in Tagalog, in a curious style – a little pop, a little show tune, a little I don’t know what. The choir clearly loves to sing them. But as a non-Tagalog speaker, it was a little rough. Plus, they didn’t hand out the music – trying to sing words phonetically to tunes you don’t know – well, I can’t. But is sounded good, and was sung enthusiastically by the choir, at least. Hard to speak to its liturgical appropriateness, as I have little idea what they were singing about.

BUT – they not only did the simple Latin Agnus Dei, but they did it unaccompanied – cool. For some reason, most of the time it seems the pianist or organist just can’t sit out, and chant with accompaniment is just, well, lame. The people didn’t need it – in Spanish, English, and Tagalog the Latin is the same.

All in all, the Mass was beautiful, mostly because the people were beautiful. The Lord can work with questionable music and falderall provided we give him a chance. These are people doing the best they can for God, and it shows and is infectious.

Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

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