Piling On: 6’7″ 275 lbs Prisoner, 1 (Female) Guard?

Yea, yea, everybody’s having fun with this. My only addition:

Used to hang out with a female cop, who happened to be 5’11”, weigh around 180 – and had a black belt in karate (she was world-ranked). She pointed out to me once, when we were discussing how cool it was to be a black belt (saw her spar once – scary – NBA guard level of body control and quickness)  that, whatever the skill differential, physics still works – she said she’d be very leery of trying to duke it out with even with me, a doughy, untrained 6’2″ man who had about 40-50 lbs on her – because she’d have to take me completely out first shot, or physics would favor me.

In other words, she recognized that, if I were to get hold on her, I could seriously hurt her just by, say, falling on her or twisting her or wrenching her limbs. She might very well ‘win’, but at quite the cost.

Even though my cop friend had the obligatory cop don’t mess with me persona, she would not have taken that gig willingly. How about 2-3 cops? Even in that situation, the one charged with actually putting the cuffs on the dude should be a close to his size as possible, because he could probably pick up a normal sized woman in one motion, instant human shield.

Out there in the wild, cops do understand this. Is this a case of misguided political correctness, or just stupidity? Or macho run amok? Hope everybody’s OK, especially the pre-school people the escapee threatened. Let us pray.

Author: Joseph Moore

Enough with the smarty-pants Dante quote. Just some opinionated blogger dude.

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