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Why Am I Catholic?

Posted by Joseph Moore on March 28, 2013

On this, the first of the year’s most holy days, Elizabeth Scalia gives her answer. Other Patheos bloggers are likewise answering. While nobody asked me, and I’m not one of those *real* bloggers over at Patheos, here goes:

I am Catholic because the Almighty and Eternal God created me to be Catholic, to be a member of the one Mystical Body with His Son as the Head.

I am Catholic because Jesus, in his infinite mercy, died to save me from my self and from the enemy.

I am Catholic because, in a moment of despair in a life of despair, I cried out, and God rescued me. His Spirit granted me a miracle, wholly unmerited and unexpected,  the truth of which I can no more deny than my very life.

I am Catholic because Catholicism is true, and God has given to me, in His mercy, a thirst for truth that only He can slake.

The Last Supper (1498) Leonardo Da Vinci

Praise the Lord, who has blessed a wretch like me.

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One Response to “Why Am I Catholic?”

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